Use PhoneBeagle to Catch Cheating Spouse Infidelity

Committing relationship infidelity today is so easy using the cell phone. Using a cell phone spy monitoring program like PhoneBeagle to catch infidelity and relationship cheating is extremely easy to do. The cell phone is the number one tool a cheating partner will use to communicate with their secret lover. Why? The cell phone is completely portable. Text messages can silently be sent and received while your spouse or partner is literally in the next room and you won't know. Your cheating husband or wife merely gets in their car and drives away and can call their secret relationship in privacy and safely. Bottom line is the unfaithful romantic partner sees the cell phone as a safe and private medium to communicate with their illicit partner.

Herein lies the power of PhoneBeagle Spy. PhoneBeagle runs totally hidden in the background in complete stealth. There is no way they will ever know it is on their cell phone.

Any time the cheater makes or receives a phone call from the person they are cheating with and BAM! a copy of all the information is instantly copied for you to view in your PhoneBeagle members area.

Here is a screen image of phone calls saved in a PhoneBeagle members area.

Your cheating partner sends and receives text messages to the person they are cheating with and BAM! an exact duplicate of every single one of these text messages is copied for you in your PhoneBeagle members area. Does not matter if they instantly delete the text messages. It's to late. The instant that text messages arrives to or leaves from the cell phone the SMS messages is preserved for you.

Here is in image inside the members area of PhoneBeagle showing all text messages sent and received by a cell phone with PhoneBeagle secretly installed.

If your cheating partner takes any pictures of the person they are cheating with guess what - it is stored for you in your members area.

Literally ANY piece of data or communication that leaves your cheating boyfriend of girlfriends cell phone is copied to your PhoneBeagle spy members area.

Here again is the PhoneBeagle members area showing pictures captured with a PhoneBeagle loaded cell phone.

One of the biggest ways a cheating partner lies to you is regarding their whereabouts. Whenever they have plans to meet with their secret lover they are going to lie to you about where they are going. PhoneBeagle installed on their mobile device it does not matter because PhoneBeagle will plot every where they go and can be viewed in the PhoneBeagle members area at any time. You can also specify how frequently you want the cell phone location updated from once every five minutes to once per hour and any amount of time in between.

Here is the image in a PhoneBeagle members area showing the GPS location tracking points of a person with PhoneBeagle installed on their phone.

With PhoneBeagle on the cheaters mobile phone you can even have fun! How? Lets say you have figured out the phone number of the person your partner is cheating with. Log in to PhoneBeagle members area. Click the Control panel menu tab. Select to block all communications from being received by or sent to that specific phone number. Any attempt to communicate with each other will be totally blocked!

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