PhoneBeagle for Tracking your Kids Cell Phone

Nowadays tracking your kids cell phones is a must. By tracking your kids cell phone you will be able to see everyone they communicate with, exactly what they are saying, and even be aware of your child or teens physical location at all times.

PhoneBeagle for tracking your kids cell phone is the easiest and least expensive way to monitor and control what your children see and do on their mobile phones. In addition to cell phone monitoring, you can restrict the times your child's phone can be used, block unwanted apps, monitor text messages/SMS and picture messages, even block your kids ability to send or receive communications from specific phone numbers.

There are all kinds of uses with the cell phone tracking feature of PhoneBeagle. How many parents have the opportunity to be able to know exactly where their son or daughter is at all times. Tracking your kids cell phone with PhoneBeagle gives you the most incredible peace of mind not possible in any other way.

If dinnertime is at 6pm and it is 6:15 and your son or daughter is not home yet there is no need to bite your nails in anxiety. Simply log on to your PhoneBeagle members area, click the LOCATION tab, and immediately see on a map exactly where your child is.

You can configure in your PhoneBeagle members area how frequently your kids cell phone location is updated in the members area - from once every 5 minutes to once per hour and any time frequency in between.

PhoneBeagle location tracking screen lets you see exactly where your kid is at any time.

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