Use PhoneBeagle to Prevent Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying in reference to cell phones is the act of using cell phones to transmit, usually via text messaging, threats or harassment to the cell phone recipient. Technically for it to be Cyber Bullying it has to occur to someone who is under 18 years of age otherwise it is considered cyber stalking. Minor difference. Believe it or not Cyber Bullying has resulted in many kids committing suicide.

Different Types of Cyber Bullying

Threatening Cyberbullying - This is where outright threats of bodily harm are transmitted to the cell phone of the victim.

Text Message Bombing - Many people sending numerous text messages to the recipients cell phone for the purpose of pure harassment or to run up the cell phone bill.

Flaming Cyberbullying - sending extremely vulgar and rude text messages for the purpose of upsetting or inciting a fight with the cell phone recipient of the flaming.

Retaliatory Cyberbullying - This is where the individual is not purposely Cyber Bullying but instead are reacting to something they feel offended to or threatened by. This type of Cyber Bullying is a self defense reaction.

How PhoneBeagle Prevents Cyber Bullying

As a parent who will install PhoneBeagle to your child's cell phone will find PhoneBeagle to be a huge ally to the child in several different ways.

  • Anytime you log in to your PhoneBeagle members area you can clearly and plainly see every single text message and all other communications sent to your child or teens cell phone and everything your kids sends out. This is the detection phase of your preventing cyber bullying. This is also evidence that can be used should the police need to intervene.
  • The next stop is to click on the control panel tab in your PhoneBeagle members area where you can specify specific and unlimited cell phone numbers you block from communicating with your child. So for example you see phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx is sending text message threats, harassments, or insults to your child you can also see the exact time of each of these threats as well as the phone numbers. Go to the control panel of PhoneBeagle and input phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx to be blocked. Any communications coming in to or out from your kids cell phone from this number are completely blocked and will never be received.

Here is an image inside the PhoneBeagle Spy members area showing the text message/SMS screen. As you can clearly see every text message shows up along with the time and phone numbers involved in the cyber bullying.

Phonebeagle members area showing text message info.

PhoneBeagle allows you to protect your child by remotely blocking Calls and SMS Text Messages from any phone numbers. PhoneBeagle allows a responsible parent to remotely block Calls and SMS Text Messages from people listed in the Address Book of their child's phone. If you do not recognize a phone number that is making regular calls to your child's phone then you can remotely block that phone number. If you do not recognize a person in your child's phone Address Book then you can remotely block that person. If you are concerned about the content of SMS Text Messages from certain phone numbers then just block them. Maybe your child is mixing with bad company, if so block those phone numbers. If your child is being targeted by predators or school bullies block those phone numbers immediately. Cyber Bullying solved.

Below is an image in PhoneBeagle members area when you can set to block or unblock phone numbers.

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