Using PhoneBeagle Spy Prevents Sexting

"Sexting" refers to teens sharing nude photos via cellphone. 20% of teenagers say they have sent or posted nude pictures or video of themselves. Most kids or teens are completely unaware of how things they post online can have a negative future impact to their reputation and their Sexting can have serious legal and psychological consequences. Teen girl taking semi nude picture of self with cell phone.

Sexting is illegal! You can tell your teen to not send or receive sexually explicit and nude pictures taken with a cell phone in all likelihood they won't listen. They could be charged with producing or distributing child pornography.

If the pictures are transferred to a different state then it becomes a federal offense. Even more serious repercussions of sexting is the cell phone that captured the R or X rated pictures can immediately upload those pictures to any online site like Facebook or Myspace where they can reside for years and years.

As a parent it is your job to detect and more importantly STOP and prevent sexting. With PhoneBeagle monitor it is incredibly easy to both monitor and prevent sexting.

One of PhoneBeagle cell phone monitoring features is being able to see photos sent and received by the cell phone with PhoneBeagle installed. If you find a particular phone number or contact engaging in this offense you can simply log in to your PhoneBeagle members area 24/7 and in the control panel completely block that phone number/contact from being and to send or receive any communications to your son or daughter mobile phone. It is really that simple. With PhoneBeagle installed to your kids phone they are completely protected by you and PhoneBeagle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can quickly, easily, and most importantly, effectively PREVENT sexting.

Below is a picture inside the PhoneBeagle members area. Any pictures sent or received by your teen or child cell phone is copied for you. You can see the exact time a picture was sent or received as well as the offending phone number the sexting picture was sent to or received from.

Additional tips to prevent sexting.

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