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Quick PhoneBeagle Review:

  • PhoneBeagle Price:  [A+]  Extremely low price starting at just $10. The lowest price mobile monitoring application there is. Possible Impovements: Give PhoneBeagle away FREE and make it a Free cell phone spy??
  • PhoneBeagle Guarantee: [A+] 60 days moneyback satisfaction guarantee. The best money back satisfaction guarantee compared to any other mobile spy software program. Possible Impovements: none.
  • PhoneBeagle Technical Support: [B+] Customer inquiries are answered promptly and professionally and answers and information provided by technical support is detailed and thorough versus vague and not very informative. Technical support is provided in the form of support email address. Possible Impovements: include a live person at a toll free 1-800 number.
  • PhoneBeagle Features: [A] PhoneBeagle spy has most all of the spy features all other phone spy apps have. One feature set PhoneBeagle has many other mobile monitoring applications do not have is the ability to control the target cell phone and block communications from and to certain cell phone numbers. Another feature other mobile spy programs do not have is PhoneBeagles distracted driving mode which alerts you any time the cell phone owner is moving more than a few miles per hour while actively engaged in cell phone activity. This feature an be turned on and off. PhoneBeagle also allows you to completely configure how frequently the cell phone holder geographical location is updated from once every five minutes to once per hour. Possible Impovements: include a couple of the most advance spy features like room spy bugging and live call spying. Obviously PhoneBeagle would have to raise its price significantly to offer these features as other phone monitoring programs with these features costs $329 and more. Example of other spy programs with these features is Flexispy and Spycalls.
  • PhoneBeagle Members Area: [A+] PhoneBeagle has the most feature rich and easy to navigate members area over any other mobile spy program hands down. Each of phone monitoring review areas, call history, sms history, email history, web sites visited, GPS tracking, photo logs, control panel, is packed full of information and very easy to understand and use. Possible Impovements: none
  • Price Value for the Money: [A+] PhoneBeagle is without a doubt the most cost effective and most feature rich for the money phone monitoring software there is. Most all other cell spy programs cost a lot more and offer no more features than PhoneBeagle. Possible Impovements: none.
  • Supported Mobile Devices: [C+] In this PhoneBeagle review this is the only area PhoneBeagle is weak. PhoneBeagle spy works on most all Blackberry and Android mobile devices. Full list of mobile devices PhoneBeagle is compatible with. PhoneBeagle does NOT work on Symbian, Windows Mobile, and IPhone. Lacking compatibility with these three operating systems is a huge hole in the market. If the phone you want to monitor is a Blackberry or Android then this black mark in this PhoneBeagle review is not relevant. In some ways this could be considered a good point. The reason PhoneBeagle is not compatible with many devices is PhoneBeagle is one of the very few mobile monitoring programs for cell phones that takes its time to make sure is mobile spy app works 100% correctly for less devices than half assed for a lot of devices. Possible Impovements: add compatibility of PhoneBeagle for Symbian, Windows Mobile, and IPhone.


Overall grade for PhoneBeagle A-

PhoneBeagle is probably the best mobile spy program there is. Its price can't be any lower. You would have to struggle to make PhoneBeagle more feature rich. The only flaw in PhoneBeagle mobile spy software is low number of mobile phone models PhoneBeagle is compatible with. This is the only area of PhoneBeagle that needs to be improved. If you want to monitor a Blackberry or an Android device then PhoneBeagle really is the perfect mobile spy and monitoring application. PhoneBeagle is great whether you want to use PhoneBeagle for tracking your kids cell phone or you want to use PhoneBeagle to catch cheating spouse infidelity.


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