PhoneBeagle STOPS Teenagers Texting While Driving

The second leading cause of deadly car accidents, second only to drunk driving, is Deadly accident caused by teen texting while driving.texting while driving. When you were a kid or a teen would you have listened to anyone if they told you text while driving was dangerous? With PhoneBeagle becoming aware of your teens texting while driving is as easy as enabling the distracted driving mode feature in the PhoneBeagle spy members area.

A little icon of an ambulance appears in the upper rightThe icon you click to enable distracted driving mode. hand corner of every page  inside your PhoneBeagle members area. Simply click it to turn the distracted driving feature on. Doing so will display the message box shown below.

Message dialog displayed when you enable the distracted driving mode in PhoneBeagle.

The instant your teens cell phone is moving at a rate of speed greater than a few miles per hour you will be instantly notified via text message or email. You can then take whatever action you need to. The best course of action would be to log in to your PhoneBeagle members area and in the control panel disable the cell phone completely. This allows you to immediately and proactively STOP your teenagers texting while driving.

In addition, any events that occurr, such as text messages, calls, pictures taken, etc. while distracted driving mode is enabled will show you in your members area each of these events where the cell phone was traveling greater than a few miles per hour. Below is an image inside PhoneBeagle members area showing text messaging that has likely occurred with distracted driving enabled.

PhoneBeagle members area SMS screen shows texting while driving likely occurred.

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